Shinson Hapkido explained

Shinson Hapkido is a development and health training for body and mind. It has been developed by Grandmaster (Sonsanim) Ko Myong since 1983 from traditional Korean movement and martial arts combined with Asian healing arts and wisdom of life.

Through the fusion of Eastern and Western knowledge, Shinson Hapkido was developed into a movement for life and is today a contemporary non-violent, holistic training for people of all ages and all capabilities.

Our martial arts schools offer a wide range of programs with modern self-defence, classic martial arts, physical and fitness training, health training, holistic gymnastics, effective energy and breathing exercises, as well as meditation in peace and movement. The focus is not on athletic performance, but on the person as a whole. Shinson Hapkido teaches how to naturally keep yourself and others healthy, protected and healed by balancing body, life force, heart and mind. Therefore, unlike many martial arts or martial arts such as judo, jiu jitsu, karate, kung fu, kick boxing, muay thai, taekwondo, etc., there are no athletic competitions or championships in Shinson Hapkido.

Shinson Hapkido is furthermore committed to national and international social projects.

Further information can be found on the Shinson Hapkido Switzerland homepage

Shinson Hapkido Schools in Switzerland

There are six official Shinson Hapkido schools in Switzerland, run by licensed school leaders. In addition to the school in Zurich, there are schools in Cham, Freiburg, Lucerne, Schwyz and Zug-Baar.

Please just come and watch - or try straight away. Previous experience is not necessary. People with disabilities are also welcome to join the classes. We train together in a friendly and respectful atmosphere in which you will certainly feel comfortable. We are happy to give you further information on the phone or by email.

Shinson Hapkido martial arts school Cham - Switzerland

Launch: 3/18/1992
Head: Sabomnim Thomas Werder
Address: Fabrikstrasse 9, 6330 Cham-Zug
Phone: +41 41 780 26 26
Mobile:+41 79 466 38 84

Shinson Hapkido martial arts school Freiburg - Switzerland

Start: 11/01/2000
Contact: Komjong Ddi Pascal Egger
Address: Warpelstr. 10, 3186 Düdingen - Freiburg
Mobile: +41 79 728 87 08

Shinson Hapkido martial arts school Lucerne - Switzerland

Start: 04/14/2005
Head: Sabomnim Thomas Werder
Address: Kreuzbuchstr. 42, 6006 Lucerne
iPhone: +41 79 466 38 84

Shinson Hapkido martial arts school Schwyz - Switzerland

Start: 03/01/2010
Head: Bu Sabomnin Gisela Tschan
Address: Landsgemeindestr. 28, 6438 Ibach
Mobile: +41 79 401 31 81

Shinson Hapkido martial arts school Zug - Switzerland

Launch: 4/16/1995
Head: Bu Sabomnim Patricia Ulrich (since June 27, 2015)
Address: Oberneuhofstr. 13, 6340 Baar
Mobile: +41 79 746 77 44

Shinson Hapkido martial arts school Zurich - Switzerland

Started: 4/2/2003
Head: Kyosanim Etienne Hirt (since January 1, 2022)
Mobile: +41 78 768 23 32

Are you interested in learning about the Korean martial art Shinson Hapkido?
Don't hesitate and take advantage of the opportunity with the Shinson Hapkido free and non-binding trial lessons to try. You are always cordially invited and welcome to the official Shinson Hapkido martial arts schools.

What is a Shinson Hapkido martial arts school?

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